National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month

I haven’t posted in a while but I haven’t forgotten. I decided that my blog needed a new focus. Something to help direct me and keep me writing.

I was thinking about it and I realized that there are a lot of weird observances out there–one for almost every day of the year. I’ve written about this before in older posts.  I thought it would be a fun experiment to try to observe as many of these as I can and write about it here on my blog. To my readers (the 4-5 of you–loyal and appreciated), please comment with any ideas of days, months or week observances you think I should try to honor. I will also use my twitter account to document this as well.

April is National Poetry Month, so in honor of this month I have composed this poem about poetry.

Whether a words smith or a Wordsworth

Their craft defines each age

Their rhyme schemes riddle

And children giggle at






Alliteration, meter, and onomatopoeia

The tools that earn much praise

The metaphors

We all adore

Oh, let me count the ways

Like Frost on a snowy evening

No two are quite the same

Even Yeats and Keats

Who will never repeat

Have different sounding names

From a narrow fellow in the grass

To a Whitman counting each blade

Shakespeare to Angelou

Shelly to Langston Hughes

They are masters of their trade.

If you can recite Kipling

Familiarize yourself with ancient lore

Know why the cage bird sings

Of cabbages—and kings

Then be a metrophobe nevermore.

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month”

  • Very nice, keep it up! Hope you and Matt are warming up after a cold cold winter. Though, warm days mean added yard work (as I’m finding out), so it’s a bit of a compromise.

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