The arenaJust before a hockey game at the Blue Cross Arena, (Rochester Americans Vs. Syracuse Crunch) an older rather rough looking fellow with a beer in his hand just simply yelled “Hockey!!!” as loud as he could before the puck dropped. We laughed. It was as if he didn’t know or care who was playing, it was just all about the hockey for him. Since then, as hockey season begins to approach we find our selves often just cheering out “Hockey!!!”

We look forward to hockey season all year long. Especially RIT Tiger season. We first started going to the games as a cheap date while in college and got hooked into all the excitement of the game, the fans, and the arena at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Now dedicated fans, we were on cloud nine as RIT made it into the final frozen four in 2010. About 10 months later we welcomed our son into the world. He was born on a hockey night. We wondered if he would make it before the puck dropped. He did! about 20 minutes before the start of game. As I sat in the hospital bed, exhausted, holding my bundle of joy, my husband asked if there was anything I wanted. I smiled at him and said “Yes, can you put the hockey game on?” Friends of ours who were at the game asked the announcer (Rocky) to announce our son’s birth. It was thrilling to hear over the television from our hospital room.

Our son has now grown into a big a RIT Tiger fan too. We haven’t been able to go as often but it is always a special night when we do. Now RIT has built a new arena to meet the demand by the growing fan base. We have been eagerly awaiting its completion. more space, comfortable seating, shelves for standing fans to place a drink, private booths, and a club area. We got an early tour at the official opening last night. Here are just a few pictures.


 hanging with the pros.

Destler and golisano

President Destler and Tom Golisano taking a tour together.

New Bell

The Corner Crew’s new bell. To ring in each RIT Goal.


club house

Dining in style in the club house. Just outside the private suites. There is also a Coke free style machine and a coat check room here.





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